Journal entry by Stephanie Howe

Thursday, August 16, 2018:

So it was kinda a bummer cause I had to go into the ER on my birthday but my abdominal region had gotten so painful that I did not have the medications to deal with the situation at home. All of this on top of the fact that my poor mother had an estate sale planned for one of her clients!

But in true Jayne trooper fashion - she soldiered in we “got ‘Er done” and I think no one suffered very much - except for her working her tail off - and hopefully for her part - the main parts will be completed today.

As far as my medical condition is they drew 1600mL fluid which helped tremendously with the pressure and pain but didn’t do much for the overall girth of my abdominal region so I am anxious today to hear how the surgeons plan to deal with the loculated portion of all this fluid and remove it permanents from around the tumor in my pelvis region.
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So I wanted to have a place that I could enter updates on a regular basis and everyone I know can be included and no one is left out and I can have all of us be a part of this is a group if you want to. If anyone doesn’t want to, I completely understand.

So much of our lives these days are so filled with visual, things textual and other types of stimuli that it often feels overwhelming.