Honor Starla

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Gifted by From an Iranian church

“Today I'm preparing a sermon with a topic that you teaching us (Faith and Trust). The Lord is using you to each Mommy, Daddy and all of us what faith is so I do believe you will get the gift of living and happiness. Keep trusting the Lord Christ.”
Dianna Dickinson

Gifted by Dianna Dickinson

“In honor of Starla Chapman {Lil Baby Starla ya blessings is own da way} God has his way of working things out for you baby. I Love You Baby!!!!!”
Grant family

Gifted by Grant family

“Starla & family, We feel like you are part of our family & want you to know what an inspiration all of you are to us. God bless. D & G Grant”

Gifted by Your Big Sister in Christ

“In honor of Starla Chapman. I am praying for you Starla. Jesus loves you and God knows the plans he has for you. God Bless you sweet girl.”

Gifted by anonymous

“In honor of Starla Chapman”

Gifted by In honor of Gina Monda-Stimpson

“Starla, you are an inspration to all that have faith in Jesus who is able to do all that we ask including a miracle. We love you for your courage.”

Gifted by anonymous

“In honor of Starla Chapman”
~~Lady Jarmond~~

Gifted by ~~Lady Jarmond~~

“In honor of Starla Chapman, Thank you for my Mommy & Daddy. Dear God, Thank you for my Mommy & Daddy. How did You ever make them so nice? ~Auntie~”