Honor Starla

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“Today I'm preparing a sermon with a topic that you teaching us (Faith and Trust). The Lord is using you to each Mommy, Daddy and all of us what faith is so I do believe you will get the gift of living and happiness. Keep trusting the Lord Christ.”

— From an Iranian church

“In honor of Starla Chapman {Lil Baby Starla ya blessings is own da way} God has his way of working things out for you baby. I Love You Baby!!!!!”

— Dianna Dickinson

“Starla & family, We feel like you are part of our family & want you to know what an inspiration all of you are to us. God bless. D & G Grant”

— Grant family

“In honor of Starla Chapman. I am praying for you Starla. Jesus loves you and God knows the plans he has for you. God Bless you sweet girl.”

— Your Big Sister in Christ

“In honor of Starla Chapman”

— Anonymous

“Starla, you are an inspration to all that have faith in Jesus who is able to do all that we ask including a miracle. We love you for your courage.”

— In honor of Gina Monda-Stimpson

“In honor of Starla Chapman”

— Anonymous

“In honor of Starla Chapman, Thank you for my Mommy & Daddy. Dear God, Thank you for my Mommy & Daddy. How did You ever make them so nice? ~Auntie~”

— ~~Lady Jarmond~~