Honor Spencer

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“We are very happy to see that you are doing well. Your new photos are great. Keep up the good progress and have a Merry Christmas with your family.”

— Mr. & Mrs. Wilfred J. Erickson

— Anonymous

“In honor of Spencer Shores. Such a brave family. Please accept our love and prayers. Bob and Sue Herbst (we met Faith on the plane)”

— Robert & Sue Herbst

“In honor of Spencer Shores - We are praying for you!!!”

— Susan Emanuel

“In honor of Spencer Shores”

— Samuel King III

“Stay strong Spencer”

— Joseph E. Arbuthnott

“In honor of Spencer Shores. We are thinking of you, and send our love. The Hunters”

— Mrs. Erin H. Hunter

“In honor of Spencer Shores”

— Ms. Lu Jegier

“Spencer, you are one special little boy and we will keep in touch with you to see how you are doing.”

— Mr. & Mrs. Wilfred J. Erickson

— Mrs. Valerie A. Peters