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“So glad to hear about and see your progress at USC! Looking forward to seeing you and your wonderful family over the holidays.”

— Doan

“Thanks for keeping us up to date as we watch and admire Spencer's progress.”

— Joanne North

“'Cheers!' to a successful 2014 and wishing you the best in the coming New Year.”

— Doan

“Congratulations on being accepted at USC. Fight On!”

— Doan

“In honor of Spencer Fox. I look forward to many more years of inspiration, Spencer.”

— Cindy Duncan

“May all your aspirations become a reality in the coming year. Thank you for sharing your story.”

— Doan Hohmeyer

“In honor of Spencer Fox.”

— Doan Hohmeyer's running buddy.

“In honor of Spencer Fox”

— Bob Ray

“In honor of Spencer Fox and his mother's wonderful posts that keep us updated on Spencer's progress.”

— Doan & the girls

“In honor of Spencer Fox”

— Susan Leone