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Journal entry by Angela Snow

Today is a good and bad day. Good because I get to snuggle up with my kids when I feel horrible. The irony. Did you know it's thyroid cancer when you have no thyroid if your cancer marker is elevated, but if not high enough it's so watch and wait. Then my white blood cells have been bottoming out and liver enzymes skyrocketed for no reason so I've had the ultrasound and no diseases present, so now the 31 a 3 phase liver and bile duct cat scan I mean they kept having problems with my gall bladder when I was pregnant that I hat my gall bladder removed after giving birth and if was full of polyps and anytomy lesson gall bladder next place it goes is liver. I'm scared the kids dad gets his sister to bully me when I can't barely stand up through text and calls I hope he grows up and comes and helps me they didn't ask to be here and I'm tough you know what I'm tough.
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