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'Let us then try what love can do.' Wm Penn
Cheri Smith | Jun 17, 2020
I have respected Stephen Matchett as an exemplary Quaker ever since beginning my 10-year service with AVP twenty years ago. I never missed a bible reading class with him in all my years at PYM. I shall miss him extremely.
Tim Vreeland | Jun 16, 2020
Lee Quinby | Jun 16, 2020
I knew Stephen through AVP and Bible Studies at Yearly Meeting Sessions. Stephen is unique, wonderful, and a gift to each of us! Gay Howard
Gay Howard | May 20, 2020
Mr Gregory F Boyd | May 20, 2020
Please accept our sincerest condolences.
Frank and Rhonda Kingman | May 19, 2020
Stephen was a beautiful man, true to his principles of peace and love throughout his life. It was my honor to be one of his many friends. My deepest sympathy goes out to you, David, and your parents and family.
Douglas Noble | May 19, 2020
I appreciate knowing how you are doing and wish the news were better. You are in my thoughts and my heart. Sensitive Suzy
Suzy Clarke | May 17, 2020
Laura Magnani | May 16, 2020
Much love
Joanne Fullagar | May 16, 2020