Peaceful Phil Darghty|May 27, 2020
I was blessed to share in a workshop with Stephen. An awesome experience and a blessing. Rest with those who love you Stephen.
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Michele Gloor|May 25, 2020
from Elena Ramirez:
Stephen is gone physically but spiritually he is with me in memory and in actions, to continue his admirable work for peace, against every war. It has been 12 years since I was by his side sustaining the Quaker 's Friends' Banner and posters ( as an Episcopalian) at the corner of Larkin and Golden Gate streets, in SF, and I know that Stephen was there many years before with an exemplary discipline and warmth friendship. I will miss his company to have lunch from time to time at the Chinese restaurant near by and having good talks about our life with Phillis another vigiler. He understood some Spanish and made fill included in my adoptive country.

I give thank to God for Stephen's life, because in the middle of sadness, fear, confusion and suffering, his love must make us act as love and his light for peace much shine for ever.

May God give consolation to his family.

Con toda mi alma y carinoso recuerdo,

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Victor Gresser|May 22, 2020
Yes, "entering a new reality (all of us)." Very true. Thank you David for this message. My condolences to his loving family--- which is vast...but especially to his immediate, blood-related family. 💕💔 Broken hearted with undying love. Best.
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Frederic Knapp|May 22, 2020
Stephen provided such a wonderful example of how to live--and now he has done the same thing with dying. Our admiration and affection will never fade.
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Richard Chiamulon|May 22, 2020
Memorial day weekend is when AVP USA has it's National Gathering. I wanted to let you know that we plan on holding a memorial at the beginning of our Virtual Gathering for Stephen and other AVP Facilitators. He will be missed. If you have anything that you would like to add, please let me know. or (213) 322-8912
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Joel Miles|May 22, 2020
An hour or so after I got the news of Stephen’s death, as I was sitting and thinking about living and dying, I noticed a Pendle Hill pamphlet that had come in the mail and that I had not yet opened. So of course I opened it, thinking I might find something helpful, and found pamphlet # 462, “A Culture of Faithfulness.” As I read the opening paragraph, it seemed to me to describe the life that Stephen tried, and largely succeeded, to live. I will quote from it here:

“…. The problems we face require inward, spiritual healing as well as outward action. At the same time that we call out for peace, justice, and ecological sustainability, our lives need to testify to the Divine Reality that undergirds everything and unites all in an invisible wholeness. In order for our lives to make that testimony, we need to root them so deeply in the Spirit that divine healing power flows freely through us as individuals and through our communities. We are called to live and model a culture of faithfulness – collectively supporting one another in attending to the movement of the Spirit and responding with whole hearts – to counter a Western culture obsessed with material reality, possessions, and profit.”

Living almost on the other side of the globe, I have not been close to Stephen (though I have known his family for as long as I can remember), but from what I did observe and hear, the above exemplifies his life. He will be sorely missed by family and friends and all in his community, but he leaves a wonderful legacy and example for the rest of us.

My heart goes out to those close to Stephen. I can only imagine your pain and sorrow at this time, and I wish you all peace and healing, and acceptance.
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Anthony Manousos|May 22, 2020
David, I never met you but I am very grateful that you were with your brother and kept us posted. He was very fortunate to have a brother like you! I will hold you and Stephen's family in the Light, praying for comfort during this sad and painful time.
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Anthony Manousos|May 22, 2020
My wife Jill and I loved Stephen. I've known him for over 20 years, and got to know him when he was on the Board of Friends Bulletin (which I edited) and I sometimes stayed at his home. He was a very gracious host and I always felt at home. He also led a Quaker bible study that had a big influence on me and many other, including Jill. His approach was truly friendly and disarming, "come as you are" whether or not you believed. He made everyone feel comfortable wherever they were on their spiritual journey. I admired his integrity: biking or taking public transport instead of riding or driving in a passenger car. When he came to Pasadena, he stayed at our home and we really enjoyed his company. He was a true Friend. We will be sorely missed!
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Terra Wilson|May 21, 2020
Although I have moved away from San Francisco, I knew if I ever needed a hug or an ear, he would be there.
When I think of Stephen, I think of a strong man with a tender heart; a man who:
- held his convictions fiercely, but requested of his fellows gently;
- had a ready, baritone laugh but was thoughtful and careful when he spoke;
- showed with his generosity that he valued the whole of humanity and the planet, but tended to his own finances practically and mindfully;
- was spiritual as he gazed upon heaven, but never left the work of this world to mystical powers – he did the heavy lifting himself.
Around the holidays I often play a CD of music from the San Francisco Bach Choir. I could never identify Stephen’s voice from the rest of the singers, but I knew he was there, so I loved it. Similarly, knowing he was here on this planet, I knew the world was a better place.
Goodbye to a good man who has left us too soon.
Thank you, David, for writing the last few entries. Thinking of you too,
Terra & Erik Wilson
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Rene Netter|May 21, 2020
Hi David, I am sorry to hear about Stephan. He was such a "cool" person and you must be devastated. Here at Santa Cruz Meeting we talked about him every weekend getting updates on how he is doing and people thought if him well and send him good thoughts. May you find some time quite and peaceful times for refection. All the best and hugs, Rene
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