BLAKE ARNALL|May 6, 2020
Hi Stephen, glad the rad onc journey is going well and you have good companions along the way. You are amazing so good you are finding the blessings in all this. Sending hugs!
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Linda Rowell|May 5, 2020
Hi Stephen, Thinking if you. Hope your day is going smoothly with lots of moments of joy creeping in. You do have a gift for creative writing. Sending buckets of blessings!!
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David Hartsough|May 5, 2020
Sounds like "The Adventures of Stephen" So glad you can look at all this as an "Advenuture" You have a beautiful Soul and strong heart, so heres hoping and praying the radiation and chemo help deal with the rascal!
Sending lots of love,
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Ann Boone|May 5, 2020
I continue to be amazed at and thankful for your love, Stephen, as you take time to write these messages. I can only hope that doing so brings you some joy as it does to all of us, your loyal fans and admirers. Thank you, once again, for bringing us into your world -- via CaringBridge.
The world is upside down for everyone these days, isn't it? I do hope (and sometimes pray) that it will bring us closer together (although a look at the daily headlines would suggest otherwise). Right now I'm sitting in my dining room looking out at my deck and at the surrounding lush greenery (trees, bushes, fuschia pots, etc.). It's sunny and warm -- my favorite. One of the best things I did this year was to get my new cat, Ruby, whom I trust you remember. She continues to delight me with her affection, energy, and general good humor. I frequently am laughing at something she did, like yesterday when she ran up and down my hall, hell-bent-for election, for no apparent reason and then simply plopped down and gazed regally at me. Oh, simple fun.
I know you're working hard to take care of yourself. Can you hear your supporters cheering you on? We're here.
Much love,
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Martha Larsen|May 4, 2020
Stephen, it seems that things are lightening up a bit. A better day ahead. Routine helps, maybe. May you continue to become more healthier!!
Much peace, martha
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Amy Baker|May 4, 2020
This is how good a writer you are, WITH the tumor? Thank you thank you! I know how much time it takes to pen these, when exhausted, even if you are truly motivated to stay connected it takes monumental effort. Hats off to you, Friend. I love reading these posts not because they are informative (which they are) but because your very essence and philosophy jump off the page.

Don't go changing, don't stop believing and beware or I'll start quoting more corny 70's hit song lyrics.

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Lysa Hansen|May 4, 2020
Hi Stephen,
So good to hear how you are doing. Thanks for sharing. This is a cool concept.

Nothing exciting to report here: got laid off for a month - that was nice - but now back at work. It seems a little early, but we'll just have to see...

Hope you're actually feeling okay.

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Sandra Schwartz|May 4, 2020
Dear Stephen, It is always good to read your blog posts. Often I don't know what to say so I'll just tell you bit about life here on 9th Ave. We have a new neighbor with an adorable black lab puppy named Hailey. The puppy is getting old enough to go up and down the stairs to the back yard but still doesn't believe that she knows how, the couple Merritt and Jake are totally smitten with their "baby" and spend lots of time with her. It is really sweet listening to them train the puppy.
I got to see my granddaughter, Kalani for the first time since the shelter in place started, yesterday. Actually it wasn't the first time, we have gone by their apartment and they have come outside and she has ridden her bike while we follow and we've played soccer, but yesterday we went on a picnic in Golden Gate Park. Keeping our 6 feet of distance, we could chat, explore in the woods, climb trees, play charades, listen to stories and it was a longer period of time so it felt more satisfying. As we were walking home we discovered a paceman like maze in chalk on the sidewalk, so that was another fun diversion.
We had our second family book club via zoom - which honestly feels pretty lame, but the book Aperiogon by Collum McCann was exceptional. I'd be happy to lend it and definitely recommend it.
I pray that chemo zaps that tumor and that you are able to enjoy many more journeys through your neighborhood on your own two feet and in the meantime keep insisting and finding the things that help you feel human.
Sending lots of love and light, Sandra
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Cassandra Millspaugh|May 4, 2020
Hi, sending lots of love and healing thoughts. As always so impressed by your good nature and positive attitude, something for me to work toward. Much love and respect
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Molly Schembri|May 3, 2020
I’ve met you a few times at SF Meetings, and will as impressed and respectful a lot of your leadership and authenticity, not to mention kindness. Thank you for the gift of reading these posts. I wish you all blessings!
Molly Schembri
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