Barb Christwitz|May 2, 2020
Dear Stephen,
I so appreciate that you are writing your experiences. Very sobering but without your descriptions, we wouldn't know about your day to day journeys. Edwin sends his blessings too. No doubt your deep spiritual life is helping you through this time along with all the angels both seen and and unseen holding you in the hollow or their hands. Love and Light, Barbara C.
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Victor Gresser|Apr 30, 2020 (edited)
Hello my dear friend Stephen. This will be short because I'm very late for dinner. You've been on my mind often but things got disordered over here. I'm all caught up on your postings now and plan on sticking with you, of course. I am sending you love and healing thoughts.

I'm glad your getting this treatment inpatient. I'm glad to see your face in that last pic with your beautiful round head. I'm glad you're connecting well with your care team. I'm glad you got to see your home on that one day out. I'm glad Damon came to visit and you two had time together. I'm glad you don't have COVID19. I'm glad you are able to sleep; I'm sure you need the rest.

So many things to be glad about, even in this. I'm glad and lucky to know and support you. It's a pleasure and an honor. Thank you for your friendship.

Oh! I'm glad I gave Trump a piece of my mind today, too!! A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!!

Much love to you, as always.

And THAT was a short message! 😃♥️♥️♥️
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Joel Miles|Apr 30, 2020
I've been thinking about you a lot, Stephen, but haven't had anything to say. I am glad to know that you at least don't have the dread covid. Hang in there.
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Maren Sinclair Hurn|Apr 30, 2020
I salute you friend.
You pay attention to all of your feeling.
Some of em need action, some don't.
You my hero.
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Theresa L. (Terry) Wright|Apr 29, 2020
Hi, dear Stephen. Sleep is good for you. When I was doing radiation, I asked the nuclear physicist (!) who was part of my care team (I had a rarely used type of radiation. When each session ended, he came in with a geiger counter - really! - to make sure all the radiation from that session was gone from my body) why radiation caused so much tiredness. He said it's because radiation confuses the cancer cells so they dissipate. Unfortunately, in the process, some normal cells get confused too! So, sleep away. It's good for you. And maybe allows your body to visualize those darn nasty cells floating away. We love you. Cousin Terry (and Phil)
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John H Maurer|Apr 28, 2020
Stephan: It is good that you aare holding up so well and are keeping your spirits up. Jean & I are rooting for you.
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Eric Sabelman|Apr 28, 2020
There is a new theory about why we sleep, based on observation of mice in a MRI scanner (a small one, I suppose). While a mouse sleeps, her brain shrinks and the fluid spaces around it expand; on waking, the brain poofs up to its normal size. So the sleeping brain is thought to work like a sponge, squeezing out all the bad stuff that has accumulated during the day. Enjoy your sleep; you deserve a good squeeze.
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David Hartsough|Apr 28, 2020
Stephen, your candle still burns brightly here on Shrader St. I am sure you will get excellent care at the skilled nursing facility. Sending lots of love.
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Cornelius Moore|Apr 28, 2020
A Big Hug.
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Cornelius Moore|Apr 28, 2020
As always, Stephen thank you for your update. I hope you are comfortable where you are being moved. Hu
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