pammiejo johnson|Apr 3, 2020
Good heavenly days, Stephen, what an unexpected turn of events. My 6-year-old neighbor sez to me, "Bummer, Pam!" So I forward his sentiment on to you. I know how slowly things can progress at our age, but please do keep us posted. I remember at SFFM, when Stephen caught a cold the whole Meeting held their breath. They must be turning blue about now. So am sending lots of deep breaths from Southern Oregon (where Ashland Shakespeare Festival has been cancelled for the year) to Northern California. Blessings on us all. Love, Pam
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Melissa Lovett-Adair|Apr 3, 2020
What a journey! I am thinking of you daily Stephen and sending prayers for speedy recovery.
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Phyllis Hasbrouck|Apr 2, 2020
Stephen, I am so sorry that you are going through all of this! Your positive attitude is a wonder to behold. But then, you have always been a wonder to behold! Sending my love on Pegasus to you!
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Katherine Youngmeister|Apr 2, 2020
Thank you for your generosity in posting these wonderful updates. You soothe the part of me that might worry - and who wants those thought forms hovering.
Sending angels to hover . Katherine
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Merlin Rainwater|Apr 2, 2020
wonderful to get this update, Stephen, after hearing the scary news of the stroke from your dad. May you continue to find pleasure and hope despite the sweetened peanut butter. Lots of love heading your way
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Muriel Edgerton|Apr 2, 2020
Relieved to have this report, and sorry you have been having such a rough go. Glad you are getting such good care. Hope the stroke effects are temporary, and that rehab resources are available. Sounds like you have a good strong and loving support system, grateful to be a part of it. Julian of Norwich is a good ally in this situation: ALL IS WELL, ALL WILL BE WELL, ALL MANNER OF THING WILL BE WELL!!! May it be so. Love, Mickey E.❤️💞😍🙏
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Julie Harlow|Apr 2, 2020
Sending you love, hope for quick healing, strength to take the meals, patience with the staff and the healing, and peace -- always, and in All ways. Julie Harlow
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Juanita Mora-Malerva|Apr 2, 2020
Hey mi Corazoncito,
Continuó rezando por ti. Te quiero muchísimo mi querido amigo.
Mandándote pensamientos y energía de saneamiento.
I m so bless to have you in my life
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Sue and Lynne Torrey and Henderson|Apr 2, 2020
We love your attitude of optimism and humor. Glad to be able to communicate this way. Lynne said "I love peanut butter with Graham crackers". We are drinking our morning coffee and I read her all your notes from yesterday. Dorothy told me about caring bridge. Sending much love and healing energy.
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Heather Levien|Apr 1, 2020
Just finally managed to replace my password and get in. I love how you're keeping your sense of humor through all of this, Stephen. More prayers and much love from the Berkeley side of the Bay. I hope they keep finding you decent food to keep you going. Heather
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