Thoughts & Well Wishes

marion steeg | May 8, 2020
to all of stephen's friends family and friends, i want to share the invitation stephen is sending to everyone to help him celebrate his birthday this weekend.  he really wants the people he knows to connect with each other through him and then to see all of you on zoom.  here is the invitation:

Hey All,


I'll be celebrating my birthday Saturday, May 9th, and Sunday, May 10th  online at zoom: in 2 parts-- you can sign up on this link to find a general timeslot or just click onto the zoom meeting!:  


  • Part 1: Sat & Sunday, May 9th-10 from 5-7 PM PDT, both days, come online and get to know a friend of a friend for 5-10 minutes. Tell stories, ask each other questions, and engage. There may be a waiting room in case it gets too busy, but please stay there and you will be let in!


  • Part 2: Sat & Sunday, May 9th-10th from 7-9 PM PDT, both days, come online for small group personal greetings to catch up, tell me about who you met, and say hi.  There may be a waiting room in case it gets too busy, but please stay there and you will be let in!

If you would like to know how my treatment is going or how I’m feeling you can read up on, this way you’ll know exactly what’s going on and I can reduce the re-explaining.



love, Adrian | May 8, 2020
Hi, Stephen, I just wanted to remind you that I'm thinking about you every day and sending love from Mendocino County. Joe Iser just got hired as our county health officer here, so I'm happy that I'll get to see more of him. I know you know, but lots of other folks are holding you in the light as well, and praying for your good health.
Albert Cunningham | May 4, 2020
We had a weekend of Spring-like weather in the 70s in Detroit, perfect for trying out a new mask, if only on the balcony! The next ten days are 50s and below, make #stayhome easier. . . trying to figure out the geographic locations you reference, Davies and Buchanan. . . and the route you take!
Stephen McNeil | May 3, 2020
Davies is right above my flat, so you might be looking down at me: I, looking up at you. And indeed, I am impressed by your steady progress.  Strawberry Creek holds you in the Light each First Day.  Mention of Calu reminds me of Kwik Fan back in the '80s.

Stay strong!

Stephen McNeil
franny ketcham | May 3, 2020
Good morning Stephen from Seattle.  Many, many years ago we were classmates at Lakeside.  I followed your link on Richard's Lakeside page. I send greetings and tremendous hope for your recovery.  It will be awhile, I am sure before a class reunion, but I look forward to seeing you in person.  Thank you for telling us all about your routine and being so honest and strong.  Peace.
Franny K
pablo stanfield | Apr 25, 2020

Stephen, so glad to see the "real you" underneath all those follicles! Lookin good, babe.
I see that the rah-rah-s i've left are not being posted -- CaringBridge doesn't like like what i've been saying...?

Nonetheless, i'm constantly holding thee in the Light.  I hope thee keeps the up spirits so amply displayed and the constant support of thy many communities.  We need thee around for many more years.

hugs, huggggzz  y paz con peripecias,  ~dpablo