Thoughts & Well Wishes

Betz Miller | May 12, 2020
Hi Stephen,
You may not be aware that after a certain age you have a Birthday Season.  It's not just one day.  I'm just guessing that your Birthday Season might be from the day after Valentines Day 2/15 to the 3rd of July.  I could be wrong son others should correct me.
Thanks David for giving us a update.  I'm holding Stephen, his medical team, and everyone reading my message in The Light.  With Love and prayers,  Betz Miller😔 -not sure about pix, but I think eyes closed in worship.
Linda McCue | May 12, 2020
Stephen,   I am so sorry to hear about your pulmonary embolism, but glad that it is under control now.
I loved meeting so many fellow Stephen lovers on Sunday!   I got to hear the voices of your parents and see and hear your brother, your sister, niece and nephew, Damon and family, Al and many friends new and old.   I also got to see quite a few AVP friends during the party.  You sure are loved by many wonderful people!
I continue to send you love and appreciation every day.  You are my hero!
Karen Best | May 11, 2020
Envisioning your next birthday when all this is behind you, Stephen.  For me, it was a year ago that I finished my breast cancer treatments (chemo & radiation) for a cancer that was of a not-so-good flavor and now being followed by 3D mammograms and enhanced MRI's alternatingly every 6 months.  
We've gotta keep the faith in good outcomes one step, one day at a time, finding the love and joy in each day.  So hope you had a splendid birthday yesterday---it sounds like it!  Finding the gratitude with each birthday.......  Phil says "Happy Birthday" too!
Karen Best
Emma Dogliani | May 10, 2020
Happy Birthday Stephen from London, I'm so enjoying your journal.  I love the Zoom idea but doubt we will make it due to the time here 3-5am. Having said that, you'd be surprised how often I wake up with a hot flush between 3 and 5 so my menopause could be our friend! If I wake up, I'll leap into action.  Anyway much love from Emma and all the WWs Jane included xxx
Charles Hacker | May 10, 2020
Happy Birthday, Stephen. I have so many fond memories of celebrating our birthdays during my trips to SF. I look forward to many more of those celebrations whenever the universe allows it to happen. I hope to attend your party this evening. Sending love from Atlanta. Charles