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Simone speaks again! ~ 2016 YouTube video of her explaining how the Women's Fund of RI came to be

Watch here. This is Simone at her best: pissed off and looking good. When you need a bracing reminder of who she really, truly was ... watch and listen. "It was the late '90s," she begins. "And I was just getting angrier and angrier...." Produced by the Rhode Island Foundation.

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  • Jan Brazzell : Wow, that's the clearest presentation about systems change I have ever seen! I will be sharing it with others, as I have so many of Simone's sage words. Thank you for sharing this, Tom. Peace to you my friend as you process this devastating loss.
  • Joel Carr : I miss your voice simone!
  • Dominique Velociter : Sweet vivid memory of SimOne.
  • Maggie Cohn : Beautiful.
  • Rose McIlvane : Thank you for sharing Tom. Simone at her usual best. I love it! Thinking of her and you too!
  • Pamela Messore : Love this. It is so representative in 3 minutes of just who Simone was! I will watch it over and over again.
  • Joanna Culling : Thank you for sharing Tom, that was amazing. Simone was amazing! Her enthusiasm fired me up as I work on my own fundraising. - Big hugs from the SOFII team!