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Gifted by Debbie Bruggeman

“In honor of Sid Bacon. He showed me how to have hope and look at the positive side. Which is something we may all have to do someday.”

Gifted by anonymous

Gifted by anonymous

Gifted by Paul Kittelson

“Rock on, Sid!”
Peter & Mary Killeen

Gifted by Peter & Mary Killeen

“In honor of Sid and his loving family. Our hearts are with you all.”
Beth and Wesley Grantham

Gifted by Beth and Wesley Grantham

“In honor of Sid, Cathy, Laura, Dan, Liz, and all the extended Bacon family. What a courageous and inspirational example you set!”
nancy schmitz-spore

Gifted by nancy schmitz-spore

“In honor of Sid Bacon. A wonderfully intelligent, kind & caring man who married my childhood friend Cathy. Never met Sid but after following his journal the past year I feel I know him. Thanks for allowing me into your life..... Peace, love Nancy”

Gifted by Shelley & Larry Gray

“In honor of Sid and the leaders of Team Bacon - Cathy, Laura, Dan, & Liz. You are each an inspiration! Thank you CaringBridge for linking Team Bacon!”

Gifted by anonymous

“In honor of Sid Bacon”

Gifted by Michael and Sondra Dorman

“In honor of Sid Bacon”