Camille Fairbanks|Jun 3, 2019
She’s so sweet. And I think she looks like you so much!

We had fun with her over here, we will have her again soon if she’d like to!
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Zoe Schnebly|Apr 1, 2019
Tennyson is a special girl. I love it when I watch my kids sleep in such peacefulness. I love it when they climb in my bed to snuggle me as well. It is the gratefulness for the small things that helps us through life.
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Emily Ruth|Mar 31, 2019
I sure love this little one. T is such a phenomenal girl. And you are the exact mom she needs. I learned some things from this post and appreciate you sharing your experiences and impressions here. I hope my children are also doing things for the intrinsic desire to do them, because they just want to. Not for some external reward. Gosh, I hope I can be better at this now. As an adult. T is beyond her years in so many ways. 💙
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