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Mar 07-13

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Hello, my friends and family, I cannot believe how long it has been since my last post.  I completed #4 of 6 chemo treatments and about to go to #5 next week already.  I cannot wait to get this round of treatment completed and take a break.  It does not get easier as it gets harder.  I am struggling with eating and finally gave in and drinking one Ensure a day.  Food just does not taste good.  Food sounds good, but a few bites and I am done.  Of course, I wanted to lose weight but would not recommend this weight loss plan as an option.  I plan to take advantage of this and to continue to lose and keep off the weight.  I am down 25 pounds and would like to lose another 25 pounds as a final goal.

I started physical therapy as they are trying to make sure I am ready for my upcoming surgery.  I am also trying to walk at least 3-4 days a week or more as I want to make sure I am fit and healthy by the time surgery comes.  

I have an MRI scheduled March 1st so fingers crossed it shows great progress so I can have surgery after 6 treatments as planned.  I will be devastated if I need to do more treatments instead but of course will grin and bear it if I must.

If you have guessed #5 treatment is scheduled for March 3rd and yes, that is my Birthday.  Happy Birthday to me!  I plan on bringing in cupcakes to share with everyone.  Let us get this treatment done to move onto hopefully the 6th and final treatment for this phase of my journey.

My oncologists put in a referral to the surgeon for a consult that should happen in March between my 5th and 6th chemo treatments.  This is to discuss the type of recommended surgery and to get it scheduled.  According to my oncologists I should have surgery 3-6 weeks after my 6th chemo treatment which would put this about April 14th to May 5th.  More to come once I meet with the surgeon.

Thank you to everyone for your warm wishes and concerns.  I know that I have so many people praying and looking out for me.  Everyone take care!  Hugs and Kisses.......

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