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February 23, 2021 - Chemo # 4 of 6 complete

Hello, my friends and family, I cannot believe how long it has been since my last post.  I completed #4 of 6 chemo treatments and about to go to #5 next week already.  I cannot wait to get this round of treatment completed and take a break.  It does not get easier as it gets harder.  I am struggling with eating and finally gave in and drinking one Ensure a day.  Food just does not taste good.  Food sounds good, but a few bites and I am done.  Of course, I wanted to lose weight but would not recommend this weight loss plan as an option.  I plan to take advantage of this and to continue to lose and keep off the weight.  I am down 25 pounds and would like to lose another 25 pounds as a final goal.

I started physical therapy as they are trying to make sure I am ready for my upcoming surgery.  I am also trying to walk at least 3-4 days a week or more as I want to make sure I am fit and healthy by the time surgery comes.  

I have an MRI scheduled March 1st so fingers crossed it shows great progress so I can have surgery after 6 treatments as planned.  I will be devastated if I need to do more treatments instead but of course will grin and bear it if I must.

If you have guessed #5 treatment is scheduled for March 3rd and yes, that is my Birthday.  Happy Birthday to me!  I plan on bringing in cupcakes to share with everyone.  Let us get this treatment done to move onto hopefully the 6th and final treatment for this phase of my journey.

My oncologists put in a referral to the surgeon for a consult that should happen in March between my 5th and 6th chemo treatments.  This is to discuss the type of recommended surgery and to get it scheduled.  According to my oncologists I should have surgery 3-6 weeks after my 6th chemo treatment which would put this about April 14th to May 5th.  More to come once I meet with the surgeon.

Thank you to everyone for your warm wishes and concerns.  I know that I have so many people praying and looking out for me.  Everyone take care!  Hugs and Kisses.......

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January 19, 2021 - Chemo # 2 complete and feeling good

I had my second chemo treatment on December 30, 2020.  It went better than the first one.  I did not have the nagging headache like I had with the first treatment.  I still have this awful taste that messes with the foods, so they do not taste as good as it looks.  This can be frustrating since I make me something to eat that sounds good and then when I take a couple of bites, I just cannot eat it which is so frustrating.  

The Dr says to gargle constantly with Salt and Baking Soda water, but that is easier said than done.  I have a bottle in each of the bathrooms so that I will do this, but I must admit, I should have done it more.  Maybe the awful taste in my mouth would not be so bad and therefore food will taste better.  I will try to do better.

I am feeling pretty good and getting better now but then I have my third treatment scheduled for January 20, 2021 and then the cycle starts over again.  

The Dr wanted me to have an ultrasound to check that the treatments are working as hoped.  I had this on January 18, 2021 and the results were positive as it did show a slight shrinkage.  But the ultrasound did not show as much as the MRI so the results can be deceiving until the Dr orders an MRI which probably will be after treatment #4.  We are on the road to recovery and continue to kick "Mr. Cancer's" ass.... HAHAHAHAH LOL.

Thank you to everyone who has been so kind to keep me in your prayers.  I do appreciate it more than you know. 


December 28, 2020 - Hair Shaved and more

On Saturday 12/26/2020 I had my my hair shaved off.  It had been falling out the past few days and getting thin.  It is hard to get use too but it feels so much better.  I don't even notice that I have a hat on.  The hat's that were given to me are great.  They keep my head warm in this cold weather.  

Tuesday 12/29/2020 I am heading off to get blood work and to see my oncologists in person for the first time.  I have a list of questions for him.  All in all, everything is going pretty well.

Wednesday 12/30/2020 is my second Chemo treatment of six.  Yahoo!  At least I have a better idea of what to expect and some do's and don'ts.  At least this appointment is in Gig Harbor at St Anthony's Medical Pavilion (Northwest Medical Specialties) from 11am - 3pm.  So it should take half as long as the first time.  I had to go to the Puyallup location last time so this will be the first time at the Gig Harbor location.  

Cheers to the New Year!  2020 was a strange year and I am so glad to move onto a Happy New Year and looking forward to a bright and cheerful 2021!

Thank you all for following my journey.   Love Always,  Sherri.


December 21, 2020 -Wow! First Chemo completed.

Wow, I have been meaning to post a new journal and then when it came to doing it, I just could not find the energy and the brain power to do so.  All is good though! 😄 My first chemo treatment was on December 10th.  That was a very long day.   I was in the facility at 9am and left just before 4:30pm.  Andy was a trouper and him and our new puppy, Leia, stayed out in the car the whole time.  No visitors are allowed due to COVID in the buildings since the population is very vulnerable.

I received besides saline fluid, six drugs, the first two were to help with the affects of the Chemo drugs, such as nausea, bone pain, water retention, and inflammation.  Those two took just over 40 minutes, then came the good stuff.  The first one took an hour, then an hour rest, the next took just under 2 hours, the next one about an hour and the last one 30 minutes.  It was a long day.  They started slowly to see if I would have a reaction to the drugs.  The only side effect I felt on Chemo day was a headache.  That headache would get worse and stay with me for over 5 days.  I did call the Dr’s office and they said I could take two extra strength Tylenol every 4-6 hours and asked if I had reduced my caffeine suddenly.  I realized I had not had any caffeine (Diet Coke hahaha) since the morning of treatment, so I started taking the Tylenol and had one Diet Coke or Diet Dr Pepper a day which helped.  The headache has been gone for a few days now.  Andy gets migraine’s and after going through this, I told him, I will never complain about you having a headache again.  It is awful.

On Friday, December 11th I had to give myself a shot.  Thank goodness it is only one.  My neighbor, Jill, who is a retired Nurse, was kind enough to come over and give it to me.  Of course, I have a lot of medication I take at home too.  Most of it is as needed, which makes me happy, as I hate taking pills.  After a while I tend to get a gag reflex and unable to smaller them, especially the bigger pills.  For loose stool/diarrhea I am supposed to take Imodium, but after a few days of that I could not get those down anymore.  Thank goodness they prescribed me a prescription pill which is small and tolerable.  This is on my list to talk with the Dr when I see him on December 29th.   I cannot believe I am talking about poop, but I cannot wait to have a solid one.  LOL.

The nausea would come and go plus being fatigued.  So took lots of naps.  Must admit with a new puppy, sleeping was not easy, but since I was drinking so much water, when I got up, Leia got up.  For the past couple of days, just taking one nausea pill a day.  The Dr said, that around Day 12 (which is today) that I will get better and better and I think that started for me a couple of days ago as I had a pretty good weekend.  Even went for a walk with my girlfriend, Paula, and took both of my dogs.  Leia did very well for her first dog walk.  She was so tired when she got back, that she plopped on her bed and was sound asleep for over an hour.

To be honest, I was thinking the first week, “OMG, I have to go through this for at least another 5 times, this is going to be awful.”  Thank goodness, my side effects are not worse than they are.  I can at least function most of the day (some days not so much) but at least it is not day after day.  I can work from home at my own pace and hours thanks to a great employer, Root Sciences, that I started working for in October 2019.  Best thing I ever did was quick my 28-year job that I thought I would stay forever.  It just got too pollical and they did not care about the employees anymore.  If they wanted you out, like me, they just started treating you like crap.  I saw this happening to my other colleagues so did not surprise me when it came my direction.

So, I have not left my house since December 10th.  We plan to run a few errands tomorrow so that we can get Crab for our Christmas dinner.  Yummy.  Food has not tasted well.  I have this film in my mouth that masked some of the flavors so needless to say I lost 3 lbs. the first week after Chemo.  Food is now beginning to taste a little better.  I said I wanted to lose weight so I will try to keep it to 3 -4 lbs. each treatment as I need to drink plenty of water and get good nutrition for the healing process.  My next appointments coming up are December 29th I get my blood taken and see my Oncologist in person for the first time.  We did one zoom meeting back in November and he has called me at least four times about the treatments plans and inquired how I was doing with my first chemo.  Then December 30th I am back for Chemo #2.  At least this time it is only scheduled for 4 hours, so they plan to give me the drugs quicker this time. 

I hope everyone enjoys a Merry Christmas!  Because I will be losing my hair next week, I have decided to let Andy shave it off.  So, we have plans to shave each other’s head for Christmas.  I do not want to wait until it starts coming out in clumps since I have long thick hair.  The Dr said by day 21 my hair I will lose my hair.  This will be interesting and fun.  I do have a bottle of Champaign that I plan to open and consume.  I think Mimosas’ are the key.  Cheers to you all.  Hopefully, my dogs will recognize me. HAHAHAHA.

Thank you all for your love and support as I could not do this without you.  Please hug and cherish your family for me.  Nothing is more satisfying than a hug and kiss from your loved one.  Andy, I lover you always and you have been wonderful helping me get through these past days and the days to come. 

Love Always, Sherri


December 9, 2020 - My week so far.......

I had my port placed on Monday 12/7/2020.  That was interesting as I thought they would sedate me so I would not recall what was going on.  Oh no, they need you awake as you need to take deep breaths every now and then.  I guess that makes sense since they are placing ii directly in your blood vein.  When it was all done, even though they did provide some relaxing drugs and numbed the area, I thought I was going to pass out....  It did not last long, and it passed.  Whew....  they tell me having it taken out is much easier. It is still sore, and it will take a few weeks before the stitches will dissolve.

On Tuesday 12/8/2020 I had an Echocardiogram test for my heart.  This will be my baseline as I get one every three months to make sure Chemo is not affecting my heart.  That was the first time I had one of those tests.  It is an ultrasound of your heart.  My heart is functioning properly.

Today Wednesday 12/9/2020, I had a zoom meeting with the Nurse Practitioner as we went over all the medications and questions I had since my first chemo treatment is tomorrow Thursday 12/10/2020 @ 9am.  I want to make sure I am taking the medicine as I should be.   After the call, I wrote it all down on what days I need to take what.  Oh, as we all should, drink plenty of water....  I should avoid my Diet Coke that I love so much, but she said, if you must have one, to keep to one a day.  I have cut back on it already since I knew that was going to be the answer.  Bummer....  Oh, and I have decided to give up alcoholic drinks during my chemo treatment as they do not recommend them either.  I want to get through this phase of my treatment with little or no problems or issues.  Again, drink plenty of water.  I might infuse my water with cucumbers, lemon, strawberries, and such.  For food, she suggested I avoid spicy foods, be sure to eat lots of protein, and food at room temperature probably will be more satisfying then cold or hot foods.  

OK, I am ready for tomorrow.  We will get through this together as you are all in my heart which helps me to be strong and positive.  Take care until my next post.  Thank you!


December 6, 2020

Finally able to get a firm date for my treatment.  My first chemo will be December 10, 2020, Thursday.  I hope all goes well.  Treatments are every three weeks so the next one would be December 31, 2020, Happy New Year!!!!

I have to admit I am a little anxious and scared too of the unknown on how I will react to the medications.  Positive thoughts tell me that all will be just fine and I will prevail with little symptoms.  At least that is what I am praying for.  

Thank you all.  I am comforted that I have so many people that are behind me and giving me strength through my cancer journey.  Have a great day! God Bless.  Thanks😄


November 24, 2020

Well, I got a few days off.  Unfortunately, we are still trying to get in some pre-chemo procedures and appointments, so until that is complete, chemo can't start.  My doctors and I are hoping by mid December.  Until I know for sure, no more cancellations, then I will inform everyone of when the fun will begin.  In the meantime, everyone please have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving Holiday.  Thank you for following my journey.  🐓


November 19, 2020

Due to unforeseen circumstances, some of my appts and procedures needed before I start Chemo had to be moved which has delayed by first Chemo to December 1, 2020.  I have to admit, I am relieved as I wasn't too thrilled starting a few days before the Thanksgiving Holiday.  At least I can enjoy a wonderful Turkey dinner while my taste buds are still good.  I get to take Friday 11/20 and Monday 11/23 of any appts or procedures.  Tuesday 11/24 I am scheduled to meet my Oncologist in person before I have the procedure for my port placement.  Thank you all for continuing to follow my journey.  😌