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Newest Update

Journal entry by Nathan Stewart

Another treatment checked off the list today. As we expected Sherawn is wiped out. Thankfully she has been able to get a little rest since we got home.

Good news came with her blood tests today. Her neutrophil numbers were actually higher than she needed them to be and her liver numbers were good too! Thank you God! Sherawn's anxiety was not an issue today either! All things considered, today was an ok day. Long and tiring but ok. Her next step is the follow-up shot tomorrow to help with her white blood cell count.

A couple of general updates. The chemo is taking its toll on Sherawn's hair. This is about the timeframe for that so the clippers came out and my bride now has a beautiful fuzzy head. It was hard to let it go but Sherawn is doing ok with it.
Your support has made a huge difference in how Sherawn, Felicia and I are getting through this. Your prayers mean so much! Knowing that there are people, many we don't even know, that are pulling for us is so huge! We have received a ton of cards and messages. Some of Sherawns family even chipped in and bought us a couch since the one she was laying on wasn't very comfortable. It's not something we could afford and sitting on it makes us feel spoiled. The biggest part of having the couch means that we get to sit close to each other. Closeness is such a huge gift. We are all touch and quality time people so... Ok great, now I'm crying. Also the GoFundMe is already 2/3 of the way to the goal we set!?! Seriously, I don't know how people do this on their own. I really don't.

Our prayer request for the next couple of days will center mostly around needing rest. If things follow the same path as last time, the next few days are going to be pretty brutal. Lots of weakness and shaky/unsteadiness to come. So far, the nausea has been managed well. It is there but it's being managed. The flip side of that though is the drugs they give her for the nausea are most likely the cause for the increase in her RLS. It is good she's not feeling as sick but rest is harder to come bye. 

I have had a lot of you telling me that you want to reach out to Sherawn but are worried about overwhelming her. Thank you for taking that into consideration, we really appreciate it. That being said though, Sherawn is a people person. She will welcome messages through Facebook, cards, text messages just know that she may not be able to respond. The notes are good for getting through the times she feels the yuk, but the yuk makes replying difficult. 

You all are so amazing and loved more than we could ever express! 

PS. Just to give you a glimpse of some good we are coming across in this. I'm attaching a picture from earlier today. For chemo days, Sherawn goes in for lab work, (notice that fancy hook-up she is sporting) and then we have to come back about an hour or so later to talk to the doctor. Thankfully the hospital is right next to a rose garden that overlooks Lake Superior. Today we had the opportunity to walk through the garden and spend some time just hanging out, talk, and listen to some birds. It almost felt like one of our date days for a bit.
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