Journal entry by Carolee Pederson

Just after midnight today, Sharon fell in her room at  the nursing home. She completely fractured her right femur. She was transferred to Woodwinds ER in Woodbury. At 7:30 am she was admitted in to the hospital at Woodwinds. The family consulted with an orthopedic surgeon from Summit Orthopedics. It was the opinion of the attending doctor and surgical staff that installing a plate and cable to stabilize the fracture will help her comfort. The family agreed with the doctors that stabilizing her femur to help with her quality of life was the right thing to do. The surgeon explained that this will be a difficult surgery due of the rod in her femur from a previous fracture and prosthesis from her hip replacement. Sharon went in to surgery at about 3:30 pm.

This was an unfortunate ending to an amazing trip Sharon had to Florida last week. Chad was able to fly down with her on Sunday morning, November 3. Ron was already in Florida and was able to prepare their home. Many friends and family in the area were able to visit Sharon while she was there. She absolutely cherished the time she was able to spend with her loved ones. Ron and Sharon flew back yesterday Sunday, November 11.

 We will keep everyone updated with her progress as we know more.
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