Journal entry by Carolee Pederson

Sharon was able to be home for 2 weeks after her previous stint at Mayo clinic. She was admitted again to the Methodist hospital at Mayo Clinic on Monday, September 30. The wonderful Mayo staff worked hard to get her ongoing pain from the mass and related issues of low blood pressure and high pulse rate under control. During this time, Sharon and family met with Sharon's oncologist. At this meeting, the oncologist informed us that Sharon has just months to live. Her battle with cancer has been lost. 
Sharon was discharged from Mayo last week and is now at the assisted living center at Norris Square in Cottage Grove. She is also receiving hospice care at Norris Square. After many discussions with the family, hospice nurses, the Mayo palliative care team, and the Mayo nursing staff, it is everyone's goal that Sharon remains comfortable so she can visit with family and friends during her remaining time.
Sharon is welcoming visitors at Norris Square.
Norris Square
Sharon Pederson
6993 80th Street
Cottage Grove, MN 55016
You can call or text Sharon as well on her cell phone at 651-301-1036.
Please enjoy some time with Sharon as she continues to fight her way through her amazing journey.  

Chad and Carolee Pederson 
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