Journal entry by Carolee Pederson

Sharon has been admitted to Methodist Hospital at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester. She was admitted on Wednesday, September 4.

At a meeting with her oncologist on Wednesday, he informed Sharon that she is losing the battle with cancer. She was very tired and in a lot of pain. So much so that her oncologist recommended that she be admitted to the hospital to help her gain strength and get her pain under control.

When she was admitted, they found that she was dehydrated, her calcium levels are extremely high, and had very low blood pressure. She's been experiencing tremendous pain brought on by the tumor and recently diagnosed arthritis in her lower back.

In the days since being admitted, she is now suffering from delirium. She's been non-responsive at times and unable to eat. She's unable to reposition herself in bed and unable to walk. Sharon is extremely sleepy, becomes non-responsive when asked questions and is generally unable to have any sort of conversation.

She's had a blood transfusion, CT scan, non-stop fluid transfusions, pain medicine, and other medicine to help with her blood pressure and heart rate.

On Saturday, September 7, she was administered Narcan. Narcan is a drug usually used to counteract the effects of opioid overdose. She responded very quickly to Narcan, gaining some alertness, but it also brought back her pain with a vengeance.

Ron, Chad, her brother Rich, sister in law Jan, nieces Mara and Jodi were present for a consultation with a doctor from the palliative care team at Mayo Clinic. The next steps are to reduce all medication to bring her back to a clean slate and start over.

The palliative care team is working with her primary care team to help with the delirium, starting with non-pharmacological treatments. Things like keeping curtains open during the day, closed at night. Asking her questions that get her memory moving (What day is it? What day was yesterday? Name the days starting with Sunday and go backward, etc). She will be given melatonin to help with getting to sleep then they will work to allow her to sleep uninterrupted overnight (just about unheard of in a hospital).

At this time there is no estimated date she'll be released from the hospital. The goal is to get her. blood pressure up to normal, calcium levels down, delirium reduced and get her pain under control. 

Drew will be coming in to town on Thursday from Seattle. The family is looking forward to being together with Sharon.

She is allowed visitors (the palliative care team encourages support). Her floor doesn't allow flowers. Thank you for your continued support of Sharon during this difficult time in her battle with cancer.

Feel free to reach out to Chad or me (Carolee) with any questions.
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