Journal entry by Carolee Pederson

In early October, Sharon was diagnosed with bladder cancer. On October 11th, Sharon had a surgery to remove/scrape the tumor in her bladder. After that surgery, the plan was to do chemotherapy for 3 months, then surgery again. However, the pathology report came back and the cancer is too aggressive to wait 3 months. Immediate surgery is needed.

On Wednesday, October 24th, Sharon will be having surgery to remove her bladder, uterus, ovaries, lymph nodes and possibly urethra. After the surgery, she will be in the hospital for 5 days at the Mayo Clinic. On Monday, October 22nd, she will have a pre-op appointment with the surgeon.  

Sharon is a breast cancer survivor and has already kicked cancer's butt once! She is a strong woman and will get through this again!!
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Journal entry by Carolee Pederson

Sharon's surgery went well.   They removed her bladder, uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, urethra, and lymph nodes.  The surgeon found cancer in the lymph nodes.   Which is not what we all wanted to hear today.  

The type of cancer that Sharon has is called, Sarcomatoid Carcinoma. Which was found in her bladder a few weeks ago.  It is an extremely rare and very aggressive form of cancer.  

She is currently recovering before being moved to her hospital room.  We expect her to be in the  hospital for the next week. She is at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester.  

Thank you for the kind words and support you have all given our family.   We really appreciate it.

Journal entry by Carolee Pederson

Sharon has been recovering quite well at her home in Cottage Grove after her bladder removal and hysterectomy. She was in the hospital for a little over a week after that surgery.  

Sharon met her oncologist at the Mayo Clinic and he gave her the "green light" that she can head back home to Florida. Yea!!  No more cold and snow!!  She will be flying to Florida on Monday, while Chad and Ron will drive their vehicle down to Florida on Saturday.  

When Sharon gets to Florida, she has an appointment with a oncologist that will be monitoring her chemotherapy treatments. We are happy to hear that this doctor did her fellowship at the Mayo Clinic.   The plan is to have her do 3 courses of chemo.  She also be will be coming back to Minnesota in February to do a C/T scan and follow up appointment with her MN oncologist.   

Chad, myself and the kids are heading down to Florida for Christmas vacation. The kids are looking forward to swimming in their pool and enjoying some warm weather with Grandma Sharon and Papa Ron.   

Thank you for the continued prayers for Sharon!  Sharon is a very strong women and is going to kick this cancer's butt!  

Journal entry by Carolee Pederson

Sharon has been admitted to Methodist Hospital at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester. She was admitted on Wednesday, September 4.

At a meeting with her oncologist on Wednesday, he informed Sharon that she is losing the battle with cancer. She was very tired and in a lot of pain. So much so that her oncologist recommended that she be admitted to the hospital to help her gain strength and get her pain under control.

When she was admitted, they found that she was dehydrated, her calcium levels are extremely high, and had very low blood pressure. She's been experiencing tremendous pain brought on by the tumor and recently diagnosed arthritis in her lower back.

In the days since being admitted, she is now suffering from delirium. She's been non-responsive at times and unable to eat. She's unable to reposition herself in bed and unable to walk. Sharon is extremely sleepy, becomes non-responsive when asked questions and is generally unable to have any sort of conversation.

She's had a blood transfusion, CT scan, non-stop fluid transfusions, pain medicine, and other medicine to help with her blood pressure and heart rate.

On Saturday, September 7, she was administered Narcan. Narcan is a drug usually used to counteract the effects of opioid overdose. She responded very quickly to Narcan, gaining some alertness, but it also brought back her pain with a vengeance.

Ron, Chad, her brother Rich, sister in law Jan, nieces Mara and Jodi were present for a consultation with a doctor from the palliative care team at Mayo Clinic. The next steps are to reduce all medication to bring her back to a clean slate and start over.

The palliative care team is working with her primary care team to help with the delirium, starting with non-pharmacological treatments. Things like keeping curtains open during the day, closed at night. Asking her questions that get her memory moving (What day is it? What day was yesterday? Name the days starting with Sunday and go backward, etc). She will be given melatonin to help with getting to sleep then they will work to allow her to sleep uninterrupted overnight (just about unheard of in a hospital).

At this time there is no estimated date she'll be released from the hospital. The goal is to get her. blood pressure up to normal, calcium levels down, delirium reduced and get her pain under control. 

Drew will be coming in to town on Thursday from Seattle. The family is looking forward to being together with Sharon.

She is allowed visitors (the palliative care team encourages support). Her floor doesn't allow flowers. Thank you for your continued support of Sharon during this difficult time in her battle with cancer.

Feel free to reach out to Chad or me (Carolee) with any questions.

Journal entry by Carolee Pederson

Over the past couple of days, Sharon has had amazing improvement.  Her blood pressure is stabilized, her calcium is at normal levels, delerium is gone, and her pain is more controlled.  She is now able to eat on her own and do short walks in the hospital.  Sharon is also able to FaceTime her grandkids.   She met with many doctors today and the plan is to do 5 days of radiation treatment to help shrink the cancer mass to assist with pain management.   Tomorrow we will be having a family meeting with her oncologist.   

Journal entry by Carolee Pederson

Today, Sharon, Ron, Chad and myself  and Drew (on phone conference) met with her oncologist, the palliative doctor, and the primary care doctor to discuss Sharon's options. What was decided was to have Sharon start 5 days of radiation treatment that will hopefully help with pain management. She will be in the hospital at least until Monday to stabilize her condition and complete radiation treatment.   

After a short break, and review of her condition, she may undergo 5 more radiation treatments. After that, we are hoping that Sharon will be able to leave the hospital and continue her palliative care at home.

Sharon's was diagnosed last September with Sarcomatoid Carcinoma which is a very rare and aggressive form of cancer. The cancer mass is inoperable. The palliative care doctor discusses hospice options as Sharon's next steps to ensure her comfort and well-being.  

Please feel free to visit Sharon at the Methodist Hospital at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester.  4th Floor, Room 4-417.   You can also reach out by phone or text to Sharon's cell phone.

Thank you again for continued support and love!!   

Journal entry by Carolee Pederson

Today, Sharon was discharged from the hospital and will be at her home with Ron in Cottage Grove. Drew and Chad are setting up there home this afternoon so Sharon doesn't need to do the stairs. She is doing quite well and her pain level is much more manageable than when she enter the hospital last week. It is so nice to see her smiling and laughing with her grandkids and looking in good spirits.   Thank you for all that traveled to Rochester to. see Sharon 

Drew flew into town last night from Washington and will be here through the weekend.  We are looking forward to having some quality family time with Sharon, Ron and Drew. 

Thank you for all the wonderful prayers.

Carolee and Chad Pederson 

Journal entry by Carolee Pederson

Sharon was able to be home for 2 weeks after her previous stint at Mayo clinic. She was admitted again to the Methodist hospital at Mayo Clinic on Monday, September 30. The wonderful Mayo staff worked hard to get her ongoing pain from the mass and related issues of low blood pressure and high pulse rate under control. During this time, Sharon and family met with Sharon's oncologist. At this meeting, the oncologist informed us that Sharon has just months to live. Her battle with cancer has been lost. 
Sharon was discharged from Mayo last week and is now at the assisted living center at Norris Square in Cottage Grove. She is also receiving hospice care at Norris Square. After many discussions with the family, hospice nurses, the Mayo palliative care team, and the Mayo nursing staff, it is everyone's goal that Sharon remains comfortable so she can visit with family and friends during her remaining time.
Sharon is welcoming visitors at Norris Square.
Norris Square
Sharon Pederson
6993 80th Street
Cottage Grove, MN 55016
You can call or text Sharon as well on her cell phone at 651-301-1036.
Please enjoy some time with Sharon as she continues to fight her way through her amazing journey.  

Chad and Carolee Pederson 

Journal entry by Carolee Pederson

Just after midnight today, Sharon fell in her room at  the nursing home. She completely fractured her right femur. She was transferred to Woodwinds ER in Woodbury. At 7:30 am she was admitted in to the hospital at Woodwinds. The family consulted with an orthopedic surgeon from Summit Orthopedics. It was the opinion of the attending doctor and surgical staff that installing a plate and cable to stabilize the fracture will help her comfort. The family agreed with the doctors that stabilizing her femur to help with her quality of life was the right thing to do. The surgeon explained that this will be a difficult surgery due of the rod in her femur from a previous fracture and prosthesis from her hip replacement. Sharon went in to surgery at about 3:30 pm.

This was an unfortunate ending to an amazing trip Sharon had to Florida last week. Chad was able to fly down with her on Sunday morning, November 3. Ron was already in Florida and was able to prepare their home. Many friends and family in the area were able to visit Sharon while she was there. She absolutely cherished the time she was able to spend with her loved ones. Ron and Sharon flew back yesterday Sunday, November 11.

 We will keep everyone updated with her progress as we know more.

Journal entry by Carolee Pederson

It's been a couple months since we updated. Sorry for the delay, this is overdue.

Sharon moved back to her home in Cottage Grove from assisted living at Norris Square at the end of November. After a great trip to her home in Florida and fracturing her femur, she was able to recuperate, got stronger and decided to receive hospice care at home.

She was able to enjoy Thanksgiving at Carolee's parent's home. Drew, Kim and Jett came home for Christmas and stayed at Chad and Carolee's home. Sharon was able to enjoy Christmas Eve and Christmas Day celebrations at Chad and Carolee's home surrounded by her family. She really enjoyed being able to buy and wrap gifts for her family. She has a sign on her fireplace mantle that reads, 'You don't need Santa when you have Grandma'. This Christmas truly displayed those words :-)

Sharon's health is deteriorating. She requires 24 hour care and attention. A nurse from Health East Hospice comes in daily and a PCA helps every other day. Her pain is attempted to be managed with methadone and dilaudid.

She has enjoyed having the grandkids over to paint her nails, massage her feet and brush her hair. 

Sharon has been able to have visitors at her home. She is able to have more friends and family visit, as long as it's scheduled with Chad (612-325-8745) or Ron (651-558-6454).

Thank you for your continued prayers and support.


Journal entry by Carolee Pederson

After her 16 month, 2nd battle with cancer, Sharon left her pain behind this morning. She passed away peacefully at The Pillars Hospice Home in Oakdale, with Chad at her side. Ron, Drew and Chad were able to spend the entire day with her Friday, sharing stories about her incredible life.

The family is grateful for everyone's support through this difficult time. It's been wonderful to have so many visitors, calls, and messages.

Visitation will be 4:00pm to 7:00pm, Tuesday, January 21, 2020 at Kok Funeral Home, 7676 – 80th Street S., Cottage Grove, MN. Funeral service will be 2:00pm, Wednesday, January 22, 2020 at Christ Lutheran Church in Preston, MN, with a reception following.

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