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Site created on March 13, 2020

In trying to figure out the best way to keep my family and friends (that are like family) in the loop on my adventure with this breast cancer bizness my sis Tonya (T, T-Loc,#1 big sis) reminded of my mom’s page during her cancer battle. So here goes nothing!

Newest Update

Journal entry by shannon grace

Yesterday was the best day of my new life! The surgical drains finally, FINALLY had low enough volume to remove them! The actual removal was awful but I would take that pain any day over drains, bulbs, tubes, and the rigged up belt/pouch/safety pin/surgical tape method I have been dealing with! Once the drain incisions heal I will be able do so much more living and finally getting some comfortable sleep!!!! Yep, yesterday was a game changer!!!!

Now I am in the expander phase of recovery. I will go every week to get expanders filled until they are between 325-425 mL. They will determine how much to fill each week by how my body can handle the pressure. The first 24-48 hours after a “fill-up” is kind of painful/irritating/uncomfortable but is doable with the muscle relaxers.

Thanks for reading and supporting me on this journey! It’s such an up and down experience and I can never thank y’all enough for helping me through! 

Pics are:
-me looking happy to be drain free and able to wear a normal shirt again!!
-one of the evil drains. The red marked section was the 10 inches of drain inside my body! Yikes!!!

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