Polly Whitchurch|Feb 21, 2020
Such amazing news! Praying for strength & perseverance. You’ve got this. We’ll celebrate the end of both of our cancer battles & the completion of Silver Legacy at the end of the year!😁
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Kristina Jones|Feb 20, 2020
That is AMAZING news! God is good and I’ll pray he continues to heal Sean and keep this process moving in a positive direction. I’m looking so forward to seeing you again soon Sean. I’ve missed you!!
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Julie Miller|Feb 20, 2020
Oh wow! What fantastic news! So happy to hear that everything is going so well!
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Sandy Snavely|Feb 20, 2020
Such amazing good news!!! So happy for all! praying now for continued strength, the right kidney at just the right time!!!! Blessing precious Cheryl~ to you and the fam!
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