Journal entry by Cheryl Pierce

Today was a long, tough day. It started out so hopeful. We would go to Stanford for a dialysis treatment and be done early enough for an adventure. (We really wanted to go find the Flintstones house we saw from the 280.) About an hour into his treatment the on-call doctor called. His potassium and phosphorus levels were off the charts. We've been so careful with his diet, so the doctor suspects there is still something wrong with the catheter and the dialysis is not being as effective as it should. The dialysis today was extended to the maximum flow and length of time and an ending lab was drawn. Two pharmacies, one grocery store, and a gas station later, we were on the way back to the house in San Francisco, arriving after dark to a power outage. Ugh.

We had planned to drive home on Monday. Now we will be back at Stanford first thing that morning for more labs and more dialysis. If his numbers don't come down, they will readmit him to evaluate the catheter and consider another replacement. Please pray it all goes better on Monday and we get to go home. 

It's still Saturday. It's been a long day.

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