Journal entry by Cheryl Pierce

Yesterday was Friday. I have to keep saying that to myself as the days are running together. Today is Saturday. Today is Saturday. Today is Saturday.

Yesterday we slept late. Really late. It felt good. We spent most of the day working on diet plans, food lists, and macro trackers. Fun, right? Sean wanted to get outside for a walk. He pushed himself a bit and we walked through the neighborhood looking at houses. San Francisco is an interesting place. There is a building down the street that is covered with an amazing mural. We stood there trying to figure out what it was until someone came out and we were able to ask. It's a community center with after school programs. We ended up walking 6 blocks each way. Sean did fine, but was having some pain when we got back, so he rested while we continued the diet challenge.

This morning we go down to Stanford for another dialysis session. He'll have labs and get weighed, so we'll be able to see how we're doing on the food and fluids. Pray it goes well and he tolerates it.

Today is Saturday.
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