Journal entry by Cheryl Pierce

Today was a really long day. This morning we had a surgical follow up appointment in the clinic. Sean's recovery is going well. The pathology report is complete and we got to read it. Of course, we have no clue how to interpret it or what it means for the future. We'll be waiting for his primary transplant surgeon to be back in town next week to hear what he thinks about it.

This afternoon he had dialysis again. We reported the problems following his last dialysis and they made adjustments that helped a lot. We met with the renal department dietician and had several questions answered, although there are so many more. It seems we're looking for exact do's and don'ts, and the reality is more trial and error. We're going to get this, but probably not until we get home and settle into a routine that works.

Tomorrow is another day off. We plan to rest, walk, and do laundry.
Good night.
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