Journal entry by Cheryl Pierce

Today dialysis kicked butt. Sean's butt. He's had four daily treatments beginning the day of surgery and then two days off. Because of the two day gap, the dialysis was faster flow, longer time, and took off more total fluid than before. The side effects of this fluid drop are dizziness, nausea, and muscle tingling/cramps. Today he had all those symptoms for a solid seven hours. We know that he'll get used to this. We know that this is a great reason to stick with fluid limits so there will be less fluid to take off (although they haven't exactly given us limits, yet). We spent a couple hours reading labels at the grocery store, trying to figure out what he can eat.

We know this will get better, but today was hard.

Tomorrow we have a day off. We'll go to bed early and sleep late. We'll take some walks and continue trying to figure out this diet thing. Tomorrow will be a good day.
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