Leonard Thompson|Jan 12, 2020 (edited)
Hi Sean, Long time no see! I learned through Paula's Facebook account that you were in the hospital, and that you're on Caring Bridge. You've done well in the past and I'm confident you'll do well again. Best of luck to you. I'll be following you.

I'd like to email your Mom but I don't have her address. Mine is lent550@gmail.com.

Len Thompson
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Lori Speakman|Jan 12, 2020
Always nice to get encouraging news.
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Alice Fox|Jan 12, 2020
You all will be with us here in spirit today (as you have been) watching the football game! Love you all and wish we were there with you. Our prayers for your progress in recovery continue.
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Brent Brooks|Jan 11, 2020
Glad for a good day. Agreed dialysis diets are not much fun. But they can be figured out an implemented. Prayers continuing from here!
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Barbara Smith|Jan 11, 2020
Sounding good. Love to you
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