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February 07, 2020

Been a rough 2 weeks with Sean.   He’s had a sprained ankle that kept his therapy minimal.....an appt with an eye dr where we found out due to the swelling in his brain during the stroke both of his optic nerves were damaged...he’s actually 75%  “blind”, hard to believe he’s able to navigate his wheelchair (mostly...my scuffed up walls tell a different story) and read on his phone. He’s adapted really well to the blindness but it’s very sad knowing its permanent. 

Today though...a little bit of happiness...I was getting Sean out of the shower and I noticed he wiggled his left toes!  I told him to do it again and he was able to do it on command!  Baby steps! 

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December 15, 2019

We FINALLY after 11 long months got insurance approval for seans custom wheelchair!  It will be here in n December 31.  He is so excited.

Sean has to go in for a procedure Monday to figure out why his bladder isn’t emptying.   Can’t wait for a big snow but it needs to hold off until Monday night! Lol


December 10, 2019

Sean is on day 8 of feeling good and talking well that’s definitely a record and we love it!  He did sleep a lot yesterday (which he used to do almost daily) but is back at it today at therapy.   He’s even talking about trying to make Christmas cookies this weekend 🤦‍♀️

We met with a urologist in regards to his continual bladder infections.   He will have a procedure on Monday to try and see what is causing this. 


December 06, 2019

After a rough 2 months of off and on sickness and hospital/dr visits I think SEAN is back on track again and back to therapy full force ahead!

We think we’ve figured out one of his issues.   He has more blindness than we originally knew,  we know he is blind in the left half of each eye.   But we also found out that he has loss of vision in his lower right quadrant....so as I am driving and he is only seeing out of his ride side....he’s getting carsick!   And after all of the dr and hospital visits....(thousands of dollars and lots of laundry for me) guess who figured it out?.....11 year old Sophie! Lol

He’s also had 4 days in a row if “being himself”. This is AWESOME.  He can carry on entire conversations with me all day long.  Make sense, make plans, reminded things!  Are used to get 1 day like this every 2 to 3 weeks but it’s been four days in a row!   I hope this is a sign of his brain really healing! ❤️. But whatever it is, I’ll take it.  It’s much easier being totally exhausted caring for him when he can communicate with me.  Praying it stays this way!   


November 08, 2019

Seans had another great week.   He’s hating the cold though!!! The part of his brain where the bleed was also controls your body temperature and he’s ALWAYS cold so this weather is torture for him.   Our fireplace isn’t working and we had to order a part for it...he can’t hardly wait for it to get here.

His strength is almost back to where it was before the sepsis setback.    And the past 2-3 days I’ve really noticed him being a lot more “with it” for a larger part of the day which is awesome!

He does has some trouble in big crowds (gets confused) but we are able to have some pretty normal conversations lately.   

He’s determined to walk and working hard for that daily.


November 01, 2019

Sean had a great week of therapy, nothing new to report but after the past month we are ok with that!   

We’ve been adding videos of his therapy to our YouTube channel if you want to see any there here’s the link where you can subscribe...,then you will get updates when we post new videos 


October 29, 2019

Seans been fighting yet another uti this week.   Hoping I caught this one early enough for the antibiotics to nip it quickly.  

He’s sleeping a lot and a little confused....rest rest and more rest.

We will be seeing a urologist soon 


October 23, 2019

Another good day!!!! I like having more and more good days between the bad days