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What provides the most hope every day is God's grace. Knowing His grace will give you the strength for whatever you face. Knowing that nothing is a surprise to God. Prayers for you, Lori, Grant & Emma.
Love Dad & Debra | Jun 24, 2020
May the Holy Spirit fill your souls with God's peace and strengthen your trust in Him.
Roy & Jen CUlotta | Jun 14, 2020
Continued prayers for all of you. Much Love!
Robin and Mark Hebert | Feb 12, 2020
Prayers for you, Scott Love your date night and championship pictures with your daughter and son!!! Wishing you many more fun adventures with them.
Cathy and Allen | Jan 25, 2020
Continued prayers for Scott’s complete recovery!
THeresa Allen (friend of Johnny and Diane) | Dec 30, 2019
My thoughts and prayers are with Scott, Lori and the rest of the family. May God bless you all.
CRissie HEad Landry | Dec 5, 2019
Such wonderful news! Continued prayers for full recovery!
Theresa Dees Allen (girls of ‘67) | Oct 25, 2019
Praying for all of you. The kids have y’all on prayer list at school & church
Daniel & Jenny | Oct 24, 2019
My heart and prayers have been with you Scott and your beautiful family! You don’t know me but A friend of mines daughter that lives by ya’ll Ask me to keep you in prayer. Prayers are very powerful and miracles happen when you strong with your faith
Keep Positive and I will continue ??Malyn | Aug 5, 2019
Thoughts and prayers for you and your family with love from an ACTS sister.
Anita Miller | Jun 27, 2019