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Aug 02-08

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As I am sitting in the hotel lobby on this dreary day in Houston, I realize that I have not given any updates on Scott in a while, so here it goes... His new treatment plan began on 6/26, and ever since that day, Scott has been traveling to Houston every week for follow up appointments. These trips have been mostly quick day trips - where he only spends about 30 minutes at MD Anderson and then he’s back on the road heading back to Baton Rouge. Thankfully, these day trips are behind us now. Today, he will be receiving his second round of the new drugs, and we will only be required to come back every three weeks for the infusions. That’s a win for us. :-)

His first round of this new treatment went rather smoothly. We were so blessed that he tolerated it well with little to no side effects.  Compared to the last treatment plan that he was on, this one has been much easier on his body. Please pray that he continues to tolerate it well and that these new drugs are working against his cancer.  Unfortunately, we will not know how his body is reacting to these new drugs until he receives his first round of scans, which is scheduled at the end of August. Until then, we continue to pray and TRUST that we are doing what is best for him. 

I know I say this every time, but THANK YOU. Without our prayer warriors, this journey would be so much more difficult. Your thoughts, words, and prayers mean the world to both of us. 

Much love and appreciation,



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