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December 24, 2020

This is a picture of Scott on his last day of chemo and radiation.  Scott had a PET scan this week and all the cancer is dead.  Thank you for all your love and prayers.  God has worked a great miracle.  I have put some weight on him since October 3rd

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  • Scott Draper : I cannot tell you how relieved I feel. The nurse gave me the news. She said, “We got your Petscan results and everything is normal. We’ll need to see you in the spring.” Kind of nonchalant. I want to thank you all for your prayers over the past few months I’ve been going through this. I’ve felt them. You’ve been there with me on this ride. Grateful.
  • Mark Jacobus : God is great! Good work Scott! Knew you'd kick thst C's butt!
  • Valerie Lloyd : What a great Christmas present! God is good. Merry Christmas, Scott and Mic!
  • Edward Shelswell-White : Great news Mic! Thanks for sharing. Merry Christmas...
  • Mary Jo Yager Butterly : Blessed be God. Blessed be His holy name That is such a miracle to behold!