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My life is behind schedule.  At least 8 years behind schedule at this point.  My house is cluttered with projects I had started but never finished.  I should have finished them many years ago.

Why am I so far behind?  Because I sleep too much.  I can sleep 16 to 20 hours a day - no problem.  You may be thinking "if I did that, I would be awake all nite the next nite"., right?  Not me.  I am consistent with sleeping way too many hours every day.  I have done this for about 10 years so that is why I am so far behind schedule.  

In addition to the projects I had started but never finished, I have pieces & parts for 100's of more projects I had wanted to do back in the day when I was a normally functional human being.  I am close to retirement age now so It is highly unlikely I will finish (or even start) many of these projects in my lifetime.  'Sad

Prior to this "life event". I was an engineer.  I enjoyed creating things from nothing and fixing things that normal people would simply throw away.  But now it is pretty hopeless to attempt many of these activities.  These projects are time-consuming; and time is something I have very little of.  Time for me moves faster than the speed of light.  Days go by like minutes.  Weeks go by like hours.  Years go by like weeks.
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