Honor Saylor

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12 Tribute Donations

Gifted by God bless, Bette & Gary Springer

“Dear John and Konnie, I hope this helps sweet little Saylor. It's my way of saying I love her and pray for healing and peace. I hope you can all feel all of the love and prayers. May God keep Saylor in His loving arms.”

Gifted by The Oliver Family

“Hi Saylor, We hope you're getting a chance to enjoy the summer, despite the ongoing treatments. God bless you! PS - If you missed my January post to your guest book, please see”

“Hi Saylor, I am a Leukemia/bone marrow transplant survivor who also had a brother for a donor. I promise that you will get through this hard time and emerge as a stronger, more confident person that will never take anything for granted. Look beyond this!”

Gifted by Winters Family

“Thinking and praying for you daily!”

Gifted by Shawn Lynch

“In honor of Saylor Voris. Go get 'em, kid. Supporting you how I can.”

Gifted by Parker, Kim, Cooper & Rocky

“The Calle Brisa crew is with you all the way! We look forward to seeing you again soon.”

Gifted by Greg Lewin

“Hi Saylor, I want you to know that there is a whole world of support out there for you! There are over 100 families in the Orange Fire Department that are pulling for you, supporting you, and praying for you too. Keep your smile up!”

Gifted by Auntie Karie

“Saylor, I see you've grown into such a beautiful young girl with a vibrant spirit shining through brightly infecting all those around you. God has amazing plans for you! Cling to His Hope & faithfulness!”
Bill Lawson

Gifted by Bill Lawson

“In honor of Saylor Voris.”