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Welcome to Sawyer's story! On March 21st, 2018 our lives were forever changed. After many tests and procedures Sawyer was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Sawyer is your typical sweet and very energetic 2 year old who enjoys playing with his older brother Nolan and loves to make people laugh. I created this site to help keep family and friends update on the long journey we have ahead of us.

Newest Update

Journal entry by Alicia Draper

Three years ago today I remember walking into the hospital for my scheduled c-section wondering how I was going to share my love for two children instead of just one. Nolan had my whole heart for 2 years and for some reason I struggled to wrap my head around how to love two kids at the same time equally.  Seems silly to think of now because I fell instantly in love with this sweet little boy that the nurse laid in my arms. She asked his name and I told her it was Sawyer Lee. I remember her says how she loved that name and she knew he would be a special boy. If only she knew how special he really turned out to be. A friend at school that teaches PE does a monthly challenge for all the students. Since September is childhood cancer awareness month she dedicated it to Sawyer. It was very kind of her and the students loved it. We were talking today and she brought it to my attention that September really is Sawyer's month.  With it being his birthday and childhood cancer month the thought that crossed my mind was haha God you're funny! (Coincidence? Maybe or maybe not)

Ok enough of my ramblings onto the update:
This last round was pretty rough and intense for all of us. I am glad it is over and we won't have to do it again. Two Thursdays ago Sawyer developed hand, foot, and mouth disease. Ugh! It is true what parents say... It is TERRIBLE! I ended up taking him to Riley so they could check him out. They gave him some fluids and then sent us home. The Virus has to run its course. No antibiotic will help. :( He handled it with flying colors like he does everything. This past Thursday he had a count check and it showed that his hemoglobin was low. So on Friday my wonderful parents took him to Riley to get a blood transfusion. He will have another count check this Friday and then will start his next phase Monday the 17th. This phase is a repeat of one he has already done. It will be every 10 days and each time the dosage of chemo will be increased. He handled this phase well the last time so hopefully he will again. This phase will last until November when he will finally enter Maintenance. Woo Hoo! 

Continuing the fight! 
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