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January 20, 2020

hi my friends,

well 10 days post opt! I am feeling pretty good. I am getting stronger every day, and have especially seen the difference the past 2days. This morning I went in to get my staples out. I was really dreading this, and I'm glad its over. Some came out super easy, and some put up a fight to stay in longer. I did cry a little. I think it was more frustration of being touched and poked and pulled on again. The really good news is my rash is clearing up very nicely and I dont find to be that itchy any more. I also was told today at my appointment I do not have endometriosis, and so the likelihood of another cyst growing inside of me is very low. I am very thankful for that news. It was just a fluke thing that happened to me. I am in a little pain from getting the stitches pulled out. But hoping those aches and pains will go away with a good night sleep. 

Just wanted to say thank you again for all your prayers and support. I am well on the way to recovery, and will still be on the ground for a few more weeks. Please feel free to call me or text me from here on out to see how I am doing! I would love to hear how you are doing and will keep me entertained in these cold January weeks when I cant even pick up a trip to somewhere warm!

Love you all. 


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