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On October 24, Sarah was diagnosed with (some kind of) Stage 4 (metastasized) Cancer. A week later, a liver biopsy revealed it to be colorectal cancer.  

We were working with local oncologists and can go back to them if needed. Sarah is currently enrolled in a holistic cancer program in Tijuana called the Immunity Therapy Center:  This is one of the most magical places I can imagine for someone going through cancer. The staff is a true team: everyone from Ana, the amazingly beautiful woman who helps us with all of the logistics (hotel, shuttle, coordinating massages, helping us figure out medicine, every little detail...) to the team of doctors (Sarah has 3, and sees at least one every day), to the nurses (Sarah's favorite person here is Nubia, and one day Sarah wants to get a black cat and name her Nubia after this most beautiful Nurse), to the staff in the kitchen who are so generous and nurturing... everyone. Everyone here is amazing.

... including the other patients. There is a community of people here who are all healing together, all getting treatment together. They talk about it, "Hi, I'm Joe. I have stomach cancer. What kind of cancer do you have?" Everyone is so vulnerable and real. "I'm a little constipated this morning." "I had a hard night's sleep" "I'm having a good day!" Everyone is open with each other, and when someone comes in who feels nervous or scared, they get absorbed by the loving community. There is a feeling of promise and love in the air here. I feel blessed to be here as a support person.

Sarah starts on low-dose (12%) chemo on Monday. Yesterday, we learned that colorectal cancer responds well to low dose chemo. They have lots of other treatments up their sleeves, amazing treatments using bone marrow and the tumor itself to create vaccines that they give back to the patient. 

Sarah plans to be here for 6 weeks. She is reading inspirational stories and watching amazing movies about how people cure themselves of cancer. 

Your love and donations go a long way. If you have them to give, we also need airline miles and companion tickets to help the support team go back and forth. 

Sarah gets all of her emails ( and Facebook messages, they really mean a lot. 

If you are able to donate, her gofundme site is:

Newest Update

Journal entry by Amy Palatnick

Friends, we have more good news! Sarah just got the results of a recent PET scan, which showed very little cancer activity in the colon, nothing in the lungs (there used to be a few spots) and just a few spots in the liver! EXCELLENT NEWS!
She is still looking for financial support for ongoing living expenses, alternative care, supplements, and overdue medical bills. If you are able to donate, we are ever grateful. If you are able to donate, please do so at or through paypal to (using "friends and family" eliminates charges)
Sending love!
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