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Journal entry by Sarah Dock

Finished Chemo treatment #4 yesterday!  8 more to go!  Honestly the experience is not to bad.  I look at it as a spa day😁..Instead of a facial or pedicure I'm getting pumped full of poison BUT the rest is relaxing.  I have a heated recliner with massage, heated blankets delivered to me as I request them, I'm served coffee and food if I order it, the nurses cater to my needs, I get to take a nap, and I don't feel bad about relaxing for a couple hours because its something I need/have to do.  The pre-meds that are given before treatment helps so much!  I really don't experience any nausea or anything during treatments.  Once they give me Benadryl I just drift off into sleep for a bit.  The frozen gloves and slippers I wear to prevent neuropathy of the fingers and toes are a bit miserable.  Its hard to stay asleep with those on but I only have to wear those for the hour that I'm getting Taxol.  My friend Kayla went with me this week!  It so nice having a friendly face in the room and someone to talk to when I'm awake!  I'm blessed with some amazing friends in my life!  
A few "new" things happened today.  I started loosing some hair.  😔 I was hopeful that since I'd made it a month with no loss that maybe I wouldn't loss it! BUT today it seems to be coming out bit by bit.  No big chunks but lots of strands😏 we will see what happens.  Second I have not actually seen my incisions from my mastectomy yet.  Can you believe my steri-strips and tape have stayed on this whole time! So I decided after my shower to gently peel it all off and have a look for the first time.  I'm really healing nicely.  The incisions are long but have healed well.  It was strange to not see nipples where nipples have been for 39 years but it wasn't as disheartening as I feared it might be.  It all looks pretty good!  I saw the plastic surgeon last week and we talked about reconstruction a little.  He said since I'm doing so well with chemo/and if I continue to do well with it that he would consider doing surgery as soon as two months after I finish chemo!  So I may be able to have final reconstruction sooner than I was originally thinking!  But I'll definitely wait until the fall so I don't have to miss any lake time this summer! 😎  Which is another interesting problem.  The tissue expanders are rock hard, they seriously have no give at all, so a bathing suit if quite odd to wear.  We took a quick trip to TN this weekend to a house that had a hot tub so I was forced to put on a bathing suit.  I will definitely have to go shopping for something that fits these things!  Luckily someone on a Breast Cancer FB site I follow happen to have the same problem and asked for advice.  Many ladies recommended Lands End because they have a mastectomy line of bathing suits!  Who knew!  So I'll be taking a look at those, hopefully I find something that works!   
All and all I'm doing really well! Thank you all for your continued prayers!  Lots of Love-Sarah
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