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August 25, 2020

Mom just finished her third round of chemo, like a champ. Her latest MRI showed that the tumor has not grown any since her surgery in March.  Yay!!!!!  She has an amazing doctor, nurse , surgeon, pharmacist team looking after her. We are very blessed. Everyone stay safe!!!

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July 1, 2020

Happy 4th!  It is a great one for mom and she is headed to the Beach for two weeks!  She had another MRI and consult with Dr. Khagi (her primary cancer doctor) and the tumor is still very small.  Yay!  When she gets back from the beach, she will start another round of treatments- but she can celebrate for 2 more weeks! 

Thank you for all your prayers and posts!  Stay safe !  


June 2, 2020

Sarah Anne finishes her last radiation treatment tomorrow for a while!  Yay!  She has been going to Raleigh every weekday for 3 weeks.  She also has been taking her chemo pill every night for 3 weeks.  She will get a break for a month when she will get another MRI to check the growth of the tumor.  She is really doing as well as can be expected.  Little things are annoying her like occasional nausea, her eyes are itching and she's tired.  But she is doing great!  We are so thankful for amazing doctors and nurses!   Everyone stay safe and healthy!  


May 22, 2020

Mom finished her 2nd week of chemo and radiation and she is doing great!  She sounds strong.  She is tired more than usual and sometimes feels nausea but is taking Zofran and eating/drinking ginger for that.  Thanks for all the prayers! 


May 15, 2020

Mom finished her first week of radiation and chemo!  Yay!  She looks great and has only started to feel tired today.  She only has a little nauseau.  Her radiation doctor checked in with her yesterday and told her that everything looked good.  Its good to have good news from a radiation doctor.  Thanks for your prayers and well wishes.  She said that she is very blessed to be on so many "good lists." 
Sarah Lamm Dickson