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Journal entry by Melenie Krider

Fridays are U of I appointment and transfusion days. We were at the first appointment bright and early this morning, 7:00! For those who are interested, the Friday schedule consists of labs, followed by an appointment with the oncologist, meds are ordered, then transfusions. The transfusions (chemo) are scheduled for 240 minutes (4 hours) but typically takes around 5 hours. Anyway...

During the oncologist appointment, mom was explaining how tired she is after treatments, up to 3-4 days of feeling badly, not able to stay awake, weak in general, painful mouth sores. Her Dr said, no way, it shouldn’t be like that. He gave her the week off which was much needed! He is also adjusting her chemo drugs to help with the side effects. And...

All of her lab work looks GREAT! The tumors on her neck and collarbone have visibly shrunk! This is all great news. She will continue with two more treatments, then take scans to see what’s happening. Praying that what is inside looks as good as what we’re seeing outside.

Shout out to my best sister. Kath is definitely the biggest help and support! ❤️ Not sure what we’d do if she didn’t live here. She works, has a remote learner at home, is the chief med dispenser, and all-around housekeeper and runner! I’m also lucky my brother-in-law Bob loves to cook! I haven’t had so many home cooked meals since, well since I lived at home 😊. I’ve been fortunate to continue my every other week schedule. One week at home/work in Illinois, and one week in Iowa working remote. I’m also home every Sunday so I can continue my work with our Children’s Ministry.

If you’ve reached out and haven’t heard back from Mom, she’s just very tired. Please know she reads all of your messages and mail! ❤️

Wanted to share this good news!

Thanks to all,

P.S. If anyone has feeding tube tips and tricks, please reach out. The feeding tube is what causes her the most frustration and pain. It’s been replaced twice within 5 days and still causing problems.

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