Honor Sandra

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Mom & Dad

Gifted by Mom & Dad

“We are proud of you Sandy. We know you will do well in the race as you always do. We admire your strength and courage.”

Gifted by Bavani Donthu

“Best of luck for all your efforts to educate everyone about this illness. Our prayers are always with you! Take Care!”

Gifted by anonymous

“In honor of Sandra Bishnoi I admire your courage and strength Sandra!”

Gifted by Ritu and Shyam Behari

“Dear Sandra, we are so proud of you, your beauty, your courage and your dedication to a cause. May God bless you.”

Gifted by Donthu family

“In honor of Sandra Bishnoi. All the best!”

Gifted by indu Sharma

“In honor of Sandra Bishnoi”

Gifted by Brij Maini

“In honor of Sandra Bishnoi, who has shown great moral fortitude in facing this unexpected problem, without losing her faith in almighty.”

Gifted by Ashok and Kanchan Bhasin

“In honor of Sandra Bishnoi We are proud of Sandra to face the current challenge in her life with courage, fortitude and a great sense of humor.”

Gifted by SV

“In honor of Sandra Bishnoi, the caring, spirited and strong-hearted person she continues to be”