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He Is Risen, Indeed

Leading up to today it was almost impossible to not think of last year. To remember our miracle and to rejoice in it. Not just the miracle of Townes’ receiving health, wholeness and life but also the miracle of our answered prayer to be home by Easter.

There was a Sunday in 2019 after we had learned of Townes’ condition, I can relive like it was yesterday. Scott and I walked in a few minutes late, the worship music had begun and I glanced over to see a young mother holding her infant, rocking her child. I wept (and yes at the time it shocked even me).

When we made it to our seats, Scott leaned over to ask me if I was alright. I could only respond with, I will be, but when I saw that sweet mom with her baby braving church, it made me wonder if that will ever be us and if so, it could be a really, really long time. There wasn’t any way to know. Uncertainty seemed to prevail. Questions louder than answers.

Last Easter I remember pondering Mary and oh how her story resonated with me then as a new mother. But now as I watch my son grow and his personality blossom it becomes even more raw what she also endured that day.

I have reflected on the disciples, Jesus’ best friends, who trusted him, dropped everything to follow him. I can’t help but think after the crucifixion where they watched their beaten and tortured friend, mentor, leader and Savior die an unjust death, did they remember the charge in which they were given? Matthew 4:19, “Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will send you out to fish for people.”

Don’t you imagine this purpose and calling started to seem impossible now or at the very least unlikely. How would they do that? Jesus was gone.

Now Jesus’ beloved, scattered, taking with them new doubts, dashed plans, promises they are convinced will go unanswered.


But then the unthinkable happened….


On the Third Day, another close friend, Mary Magdalene, discovered the most extraordinary thing.


The stone removed and the tomb empty (John 20:1-18).


Forgiveness Freely Given…

Redemption Bought on the Cross… and then

Death Trampled…

Victory Seized…

and with that victory, promises kept, purposes and plans renewed, doubts vanished, the greatest miracle of all time witnessed.

So this Easter, with grateful hearts because our son is not only at home with us but his biopsy results came back negative for rejection and he was given the best report of health, the greatest gift was walking through the doors of our church with Townes in our arms for the very first time to worship and praise our Risen King!

He is Risen,

He is Risen Indeed!

Happy Easter  & All Our Love,

The Stephens (Scott, Maleah, Townes, Tucker & Luna too)

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  • Barbara Wood : Hallelujah, He is risen, indeed! Love your pictures of Townes and am so grateful for his biopsy report. Thanks be to God!
  • Deejah Wiseman : Wow it does my heart so good to see those pics - thank you for sharing — not just the pics, but everything along the way ❤️