Journal entry by Trish Richhart

This girl.  This girl is 4. Our family has gone through so much within her short lifetime.  This girl was miraculously conceived in the midst of our cancer chaos proving that God's plans are so very different than ours, but still very good.  I would have never chosen to carry a child in the latter part of my forties during such a stressful time.  However God provided so well despite carrying her while traveling back and forth to Riley for Samuel's treatment, the high risk nature of her pregnancy and not even knowing in which city I would deliver her.  Rose was a gift.  Born healthy and strong exactly one month before Samuel's bone marrow transplant, she meant so much to him.  When he relapsed just months after the transplant and were told that a second transplant was his only chance for survival, we found out that she was his perfect bone marrow match unlike all of his other siblings.  Rose gave us all special hope, and that hope was a gift from God.  Our family has walked through the deepest darkness, but this girl has been a sweet light through it all.  We thank God for the gift of Rose in our lives.

Still trusting in His mighty hand,
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