Thoughts & Well Wishes

Gail Hadley-Goggin | Jul 28, 2016
Sending prayers of thanksgiving, that the cancer is not to be found! Ongoing prayers of comfort and support for Samuel and the whole family. As you read the Foot Prints poem, envision God's strong and gentle arms, lifting you and carrying you/all through this challenging period.

Gail Hadley-Goggin | May 1, 2015
My thoughts and prayers continue to be with you all during this new challenging time. During these times, I like to remember the Footprints poem, envision Jesus carrying each of you, cradling you in his strong yet gentle embrace. Feel the love, strength and peace of being in that loving embrace. Give Him all your worries and fears. Let Him carry you as long as you need, until your legs are strong enough to walk, with His constant support. This journey is never walked alone, even though at times, it doesn't seem and feel that way.

Sending lots of love and healing prayers...
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