Thoughts & Well Wishes

Rich Baker | Sep 12, 2020
Dear Sam and Jill: 

Greetings on the long journey. Haven’t really been able to tap into the website for whatever reason. Hope recovery continues. Grateful for all you’ve poured into my life. Love to come and see you at some point when it’s not inconvenient. RICH Baker
Sue Thomas | Sep 12, 2020
Sam and Jill,
Just we to my FBI to find you to share a developing story of my friend who founded and leads this persecuting church in New Hampshire.

My search led me here and to learn of the journey that God is taking you on. I rejoice that you survived and can be a witness unto His love and provision for you. I would love to stay in touch now that I have found you once again.

I too have been dealt another challenge in life to bare witness unto. On my 70th birthday the Lord have me the news that I have stage four lung cancer. He's got me covered and I am doing well and using the pen as my platform to reach the multitude.

I would love to put you on my prayer letter that I do via text to close friends as my condition is always in peral and something always needs Prayers to keep me going.

I do hope this reaches you, please know that you are indeed in my thoughts and prayers!

Touched by the Master's hand, I breathe,

Sue Thomas, FBI
(F)it (B)eliver (I)n JESUS
Roy Bowes | Apr 24, 2020
Sam, Jill, Kelly & Sam IV:

Just wanted to thank y'all for continuing to Post. Every day we pray that God will grant Sam his independence to walk without assistance and to be able to be without supervision. We claim his ongoing healing. You guys continue to beautifully demonstrate unconditional faith. It is an inspiration to all who watch your closer walk with Jesus. 

His Grace and Peace,

Roy and Linda Bowes
John Jakubczyk | Jan 6, 2020
Merry Christmas, Happy Epiphany, Happy New Year. Continuing to praise God for His mercy and love and so thankful to read Jill's latest post. You all are in my prayers. May God continue to work His mercy in your life and the lives of those around you. As always, John
Jim and Kathy Kronquist | Dec 31, 2019
Hi Jill and Sam. Merry Christmas! We continue to Pray for you and your family and mostly Sam's continued recovery. We see him out for his walks and he looks so happy. The few brief conversations we have had with are very uplifting. His positive attitude is contagious. Please let us know if there is ever anything you need. We Pray 2020 will continue to bring healing for Sam and your family.
Rich Baker | Dec 23, 2019
Dear Sam and Jill:

So good to hear from you and to see the work the Lord is doing. A year ago, and I remember the day, I thought we were going to lose Sam. Not so, the Lord is good.

        Oh how hard a year it has been,
        but this is where the real stuff of faith comes in...
        and by your love your lives have proven,
        your faithfulness to one another and your trust in Him.  

        Certainly not an easy path to follow 
        And the prognosis often times hard to swallow
        The 'why?' is not something you may know
        But of His faithfulness you must never let go 

        For you are created in Christ Jesus, to bear His image and likeness
        As it was before, your lives continue to be His witness  
        These good works, created in advance by God for you undiminished
        Speak volumes of the now not yet - while we wait for it to be finished 

        Jesus became a servant to the Jews to show God's truthfulness 
        To confirm to the Patriarch's the sureness of His promise
        And to us Gentiles that we might praise God for His mercy
        Now to you, He will keep His promise, this you shall see.

 So glad for all the progress made, the Lord is not done with you yet.  I hope I will have the privelege of coming   and visiting some time soon. 

  Merry Christmas

  Rich Baker