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It's been a while!
Sam received his brace on July 21. He and daddy went down to Milwaukee to make sure it fit correctly. They did an x-ray with his brace on and he looks awesome! 

Nana made velcro braces for Sam and James' teddies. They're so cute!

Sam and mama went back down to Milwaukee on August 6 to have ventilation holes drilled into the brace. It was super hot outside, and he would get flushed and very itchy. Now, when we take off the brace, you can see dots on Sam's belly where he was protruding out of the ventilation holes!

Mama, daddy, and Sam went to see Dr Thometz on September 1. New x-rays without his brace show that Sam is doing well with the brace on, but regresses without it. The team was ecstatic & surprised with how compliant he has been for time in the brace. 

We went to The National Railroad Museum in Green Bay September 12 and the boys loved it. They missed a lot of the history and reading, but have been talking about it ever since.

Pumpkin farm activities and pumpkin picking in West Bend October 4 with Grandpa Brian and Grandma Debbie. The corn maze was long, but a hit. The goats were fun to feed, but the emu stole Sam's entire bag of feed! 

Sam grew again, so we went back to the Hanger Clinic October 19. Nana drove down with mama and Sam... it certainly was a good thing she was along because that was a record-setting blow-out that he had in his car seat. We needed to change all of his clothes, stop for Clorox Wipes, and apologize profusely to the ladies at the Hanger Clinic...she used bleach and got us new velcro. Gross! Thank goodness that's where we were headed!

Maama got a visit from mama and Sam-he behaved for errands, so we went to Culver's for a treat (that he had been begging for all day). He chose chocolate custard with M&Ms and devoured it! Passed out on the way home in his car seat from the busy day.

James' first day of 4K was August 26. We went to the pediatrician the week before school started for allergy testing, and are still trying to figure out what is making him so itchy. Currently, his diet is free of: cow's milk, wheat, gluten, sesame, coconut, and peanut. We met virtually with the new allergy doctor in Madison on September 10 and will have an in-person follow-up in November.

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