rita parrish|Dec 9, 2014
Erin --I heard you on the radio this morning. They even said you were from Columbus. Hope all goes well. Take care.
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Judi Muller|Nov 28, 2014
We love this boy & his family! Stay strong Sammy.
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Joanne Plantz|Nov 27, 2014
With love on Thanksgiving for your family and pray that Sammy's treatments go well.
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Jane Samson|Nov 27, 2014
So true and precious that Sammy knows and experiences God's love!! You and your family are God's precious masterpieces!!
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Sheila Backes|Nov 27, 2014
A blessed thanksgiving to all of you We are and have you always in our prayers.
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Judy Krysl, York, NE|Nov 27, 2014
Oh, ERIN! Thanks for sharing Sammy's waking comment and the Joshua verse that fits it so well. We expect to have a wonderful day--our first celebrating with Mom at her assisted living facility--thanking God for the amazing ways He's blessed us this year. She loves her new home, her new freedoms (from cleaning and cooking, for instance), and that we can come to HER house again for holiday dinner.

You and your family are one of the blessings in my year. Thank you so much for the choices you make that remind us where our own priorities should be.

Love you!
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