Journal entry by Erin Cimpl Nahorny

t's officially going... The MIBG injection lasts 90 minutes, then they flush it for 30 minutes.

It had to be Fed Ex'd from Canada! It arrived at 11:30am. It had to be thawed and then quality checked. They actually started it at 3:00pm. There is only this one infusion and then we wait for the level of radiation to come down to a safe level before he can leave the hospital. There were actually 10 hospital staff in the room as we started this process…. a little overwhelming for all of us!

The room he is in is lead-lined on all sides and has two lead-lined doors. Everything is covered in plastic and paper to protect from radiation. I included several photos, since many people are interested in seeing this process.

Sam had a catheter placed this morning, as radiation is secreted in the urine and they don't want it to sit in his bladder. Then there is a lead-lined box where his urine is kept. Every 8 hours, we have to pump it out directly to the toilet. Also, because of the radiation exposure, Chris and I are responsible for nearly all the care-giving. We have to wear dosimeters (to track our radiation exposure), gowns, gloves and booties to enter the room. Today we will be able to spend less than an hour in the room.

This is so hard on us, but our sweet boy is doing great. In fact, they just came to get me because Sam was yelling for me. All worried, I was asking him what was wrong over the intercom system. He didn't answer after several times and they decided to open the door to check on him. He looked up and said, "oh, yeah, mom? Can I have a red popsicle please?" Geez!! Silly nut, scared me!

Thank you for your continued prayers and support of our little buddy through this next round of treatment. We ❤️ Sammy's Superheroes!
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