Journal entry by Erin Cimpl Nahorny

A Medical Update… We arrived in Chicago yesterday and got to take a walk, make candy at the Hershey store and have a visit with Margie and her pups, Christmas and Tinker. 

We have been busy trying to make decisions about the next steps of treatment. We are on waiting lists for two clinical trials, one involving t-cells (killer cells) at Baylor and the other one is an anti-body study. We have also been preparing to do radiation on Sammy's tummy and clavicle area. 

As we have been discussing all of this, we realized that because Sammy has used up all of the stem cells we originally harvested, that right now is our best chance to try to harvest stem cells again. Because he has had a lot of therapy, this may be difficult to do, but we will be hopeful. 

We started Neupogen injections at a higher dose than normal on Friday to prepare his body for the harvest. We will also be starting another drug called Mozobil tonight that will hopefully also help him to produce stem cells. 

Sammy will be admitted to Comer Children's Hospital this morning to place his pheresis catheter for the stem cell harvest. This is a larger central line. He also needs to have his port replaced. (We had a little bit of an emergency earlier this week, when his port didn't work!!) They will also swap out his g-tube for a g-button today in surgery. 

They will start stem cell collection tomorrow morning, which is about a 6 hour procedure. We will try to collect for up to 4 days and hopefully we will get enough stem cells to open up some treatment options.

Please pray for an easy day of procedures and for Sammy's stem cells (blood makers, as he calls them) to mobilize and multiply!!  

Thank you Sammy's Superheroes!!
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